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Arpi Krikorian

Anush and Armen Serving Tray

Anush and Armen Serving Tray

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Serving tray

SIZE 12.6”x7.9”x2.4″

Packaged in a beautiful gift box.

Dark Grayish Hunter Green Exterior

Anush and Armen adorn the cover.

Anush means “sweet” in Armenian. The word is also used to describe someone’s kind personality or the sweetness of food and is interchangeably used as a word for dessert.

Anush is dressed in a traditional Armenian bridal costume with a gorgeous veil and flower crown. She is paired with her partner in crime, “Armen.”

Armen (awr-men) means someone who belongs to or is a member of the Armenian nation (or people). So basically it means “Armenian.”

He is in a traditional groom’s costume with an ornate headband detail.

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