Mini Pomegranate Wire Tree

Siramark Handmades

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In The Armenian culture Pomegranate fruit symbolizes life and prosperity. It is said that the pomegranate fruit has 365 seeds representing the days of the year, and that we have to throw those seeds at the entrance of our homes on New Year's day to have a whole year of prosperity. Since this mini tree is a  given away for a favor, the purpose  of adding five almond candies to favors signify health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.
   Looking for a unique give away souvenir? Here is a beautiful little handmade wire tree favor for your wedding or baptism or any happy occasion. 
   This 5 inch long white wire tree is decorated with red glass pomegranate seeds for prosperity and red Jade gemstone beads for lots of love. The base sits on a little wood  base that holds a 1 inch long handmade clay pomegranate. We can add a little name and date tag to it upon request to be used as a favor. Price will differ upon quantity.
If for favors, this item is made per order, please consider to order min 3 weeks ahead from occasion.

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