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Sponsor a Library

Vocal Art of Armenian Composers

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Sponsor a library!

After three long years, Volume IV of the Vocal Art of Armenian Composers series is finally ready for publication. 

In the past, thanks to our generous donors, we successfully sent copies of the previous volumes to over 80 Universities and libraries across the United States, Canada, and Armenia. We also extended copies to individual musicians. However, due to our current post-pandemic economic situation which resulted in an absence of sponsors unlike ever before, we are unable to fulfill the same prerogative. 

As we have done with previous volumes, we would like to send complimentary copies to North American and Armenian universities and libraries for educational purposes. 

At this time, we are implementing an “Sponsor a Library” program. We ask if you would kindly like to sponsor an institution for $50 CAD. 

Pick from the list of institutions that have previously received our volumes. A book will be donated to the institution in your name.

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